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Refund Policy

You may return the product purchased by you from http://www.ltbjeans.com site (“Site”) which is under the property of
CAK Textile B.V (“CAK RETAIL B.V/LTB”) within 14 working days as of date of delivery together with your invoice, return
form and return tracking number.


Please notify CAK Textile B.V from [email protected] or telephone number +31 (0) 10 5211071 before sending the
product you want to return.


The products purchased from the site, may be changed in terms of color / size according to the availability of the
product stock and line in the LTB stores.


The products purchased from LTB stores cannot be changed and returned via the Site.


The returning shall be certainly made together with the original package of the product.


The return of the single use products, in terms of their qualities, of those of which the original package is broken,
used or tried, the reproducible software and programs, the products which are perishable or of which the expiry date
is close and those which are not in a state fit for purchasing by other customers, is not accepted.


You shall send to CAK Textile B.V all the copies and the original invoice you hold, together with the product you want
to return.


The cargo fee of the products you want to return will be covered by you. If the product is defect, the return fee,
will belong to CAK Textile B.V, provided that UPS cargo services are used.


Canceling Operations


The products ordered may be cancelled by notifying CAK Textile B.V from [email protected] or telephone number +31
(0) 10 5211071 before the consignment of the products to the cargo.


Return Operations


The received product is firstly examined by CAK Textile B.V. If it conforms to the above mentioned terms the return
operation is started. When the return is approved, the price of the product will be returned to the bank where you
have your credit card account within 14 working days, which is the legal term. This term starts with the receipt of
the product you returned, by CAK Textile B.V. Reflection of this amount to your account following the returning to the
related bank within 14 working days is completely related to the transaction process of the bank. CAK Textile B.V is
not responsible from the extension of the return term by the bank, even the payment was made to the related bank by
CAK Textile B.V within 14 working days.


Return Address


CAK Textile B.V.

Kiotoweg 81

3047 BG Rotterdam Netherlands