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The Brand

“A never ending passion for denim, since 1948”

Denim is in our hearts. When we design, we design for our customers and the future. We want to shape the future in the present.
With our collection we strive to bring out the unbiased, self-confident and powerful sides of its customers to make them feel comfortable at all times. That is the main reason, why young and middle aged generation prefer LTB.

We are a much loved global and social brand. Our customers are attracted by our distinct brand handwriting coupled with our broad fashionable appeal. We’re growing rapidly and always evolving to ensure we excite and entice our customers every time.

Everyday we keep developing and learning with the passion of a young spirit and serve our excitement to our customers. Consequence of its dynamic and creative design team intimate with the fashion world, its high denim technology and having more than 60 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, there lies the success.


Quality comes first.

Quality in production, management and working standards are the core values that differentiate us. And we believe that the quality of a brand represents it strength. Therefore, we are proceeding on our way without ever sacrificing our quality. 
We never compromise our human-focused approach. As a matter of fact, we know that the value we create is for people. Innovation is part of our DNA. Therefore, we do not only adapt ourselves to be new, but work continuously to be a brand that defines change on a global scale.


Designing a lifestyle destination for our customers

At the heart of our brand journey stands our brand website ltbjeans.com. It’s connected with each of our channels. It’s the place where our customers can seek for inspiration and find the newest collection and shop their favorite items. For herself, for his work and even moms with kids can shop new outfits for their loved ones. Our website represents the entire collection of what LTB has to offer. From jeans to tops, skirts, jackets, sportswear and goodies.
As they shop across channels, we make it as easy as possible for our customers continue to experience the perfect customer journey. By encouraging our customers to use our website, we’re able to offer them the entire LTB collection wherever and however he or she is shopping with us.



  • We now have over 120 stores and over 4000 points of sales in 72 countries.
  • We have become Top 3 market leader in Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and in Germany, Spain, France and Italy, we are getting bigger and bigger.
  • The success story of LTB Jeans continues thanks to the enormous production of no less than 17,000,000 garments per year.
  • LTB owns a rich scale of products covering undershirts, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, suits, coats, trousers, slipovers, sportswear, shorts, belts, bags, hats, and underwear, in particular, weaving, knitting, tricot and accesory groups.
  • We are proud of being the first denim company of Turkey which was qualified for SA 8000.



We always stay in touch with our customers, offering passionate service and top quality and original design apparel. Brought to life by a young, innovative and professional team. This team of highly trained experts always keeps a close eye on the latest developments in the ready to wear sector around the world and implements innovations wherever and whenever they are required in an inspiring and fun environment!


Our Goal

We want to make LTB Jeans the first choice in denim for women across Europe and beyond, and Top 3 for men and kids by offering a combination of market-leading design products, an inspiring customer journey, passionate staff delivering world class service, and clever use of new technology and social media to build lifetime loyalty. This strategy is focused on providing products that inspires her and fulfills all of her needs and desires.


Our Design principles

LTB’s collection strive to bring out the unbiased, self-confident and powerful sides of its customers to make them feel comfortable at all times.


Our approach

We work hard and continuously improve ourselves in order to offer the best services to the people who choose to add innovation to their lives by choosing us. Our principles is to provide our customers with the best service through the most effective and efficient use of technology and knowledge, based on environmental awareness and total quality management and with respect to our human resources whom we consider family. In fact, always trying to achieve more than before is imperative for us. A more valuable future, higher-quality products, newer technologies and happier people. We work for this and more as the LTB Jeans family.



Technology is now a key driver to delivering our vision, not only in terms of creating the best omnichannel customer journey, but also integrating our systems, and loyalty card into all of our transactions. This data will allow us to build a stronger relationship with our customers and stimulate them in a way that is relevant to their needs and desires.

Building a brand that is truly social is a key part of our current and future strategy. We fully embrace social media when engaging with our customers and have created an internal culture that encourages all of our employees to become really active across the digital landscape .

In order for all of this to happen we need to continue our strategy of hiring for attitude and training for skill in order for us to deliver exceptional product, services and environment. In terms of developing our teams we are also best in class with training, development, succession planning and new technology, which is at the forefront of recruitment and retention strategy.



Istanbul - Turkey


İstanbul is a major city in the worldwide and the center in the two continental Europe and Asia where the headquarters is based 25.000 meters square in İstanbul. The design team has the mix of culture from all over the world to create, design the denim and nondenim collection more than 500 people are efforting for the success of the LTB jeans, Within the light of the latest technological developments, the two factories from Istanbul and Sakarya, established on a field of 150.000 meters square, are working with an estimate capacity of 17 million pieces / yearly. We also produce for label customers including some famous international brands.


Rotterdam - The Netherlands


Fromout our European Headquarter and Logistics Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we coordinate the main distribution of LTB Jeans as well as the wholesale and our global e-commerce and marketing activities.
Here we provide the garments to the brand's other shops in numerous European countries including Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Croatia. In the United States, the main office is located in New York City. The products of LTB By Littlebig can be found in 62 countries worldwide.


Retail Stores


Ever since the first LTB store opened in 1994, LTB has always been offering customers fashion and quality at the best price. With our important position in the global denim market, LTB continues to create a difference in the retail industry by increasing the number of its stores day by day. Our stores have a very special place for us as the meeting point for all people without considering any age, gender or color. Cheerful sales, world-class quality products and happy people with smiling faces are the indispensable elements of LTB’s retailing concept.

Our purpose is becoming a global franchiser and turning out to be a bigger family with new members who believe in magical creation precess of textile.The retail concept is the huge door to success and to be a worldwide brand, shows the compy image and the philosophy.
We improve new projects to feel comfortable and shop easily for the customers in every season. New concept, new denim spirit coming out,  Now numbering 128 stores, more than 48 franchise store in Turkey, 8 concept stores, 112 franchise stores worldwide, where denim meets the world and world meets the denim. 71 countries for now … appealing to all people of the world.